Product Definition

The key to successful product is a strong Market Requirements Document (MRD) during a project’s concept phase, and a strong Product Requirements Document (PRD) and Engineering Specification during the product’s definition phase. Taking the time to develop these documents helps ensure that correct product is developed and that the project’s objectives are clearly stated.

Several of Lumenir’s past and present customers have engaged Lumenir to either make significant contributions to “In House” MRD/PRD efforts or develop these documents in their entirety.

Some factors considered in the development of MRDs and PRDs are as follows:

  • Multi-disciplinary Approach
  • Product Marketing
    • Information Collection & Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Focus group testing
    • Use Case Enumeration
    • Economic Assessment
    • Customer Requirements
  • Human Factors
    • User experience design
    • Physical & Cognitive
    • GUI definition
  • Time to Market Requirements
  • CoGS Requirements
  • Performance Requirements
  • Environmental Requirements


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