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Lumenir Innovations’ team of innovative engineers have pioneered products including a series of industry firsts, including digital cameras, e-books, electric vehicles (Tesla Motors), small-form disc drives, some of the first enterprise solid-state disk drives, and much more. We are a experienced high-level team  having years of startup experience, we have delivered solutions on which companies were built and sold. When a company needs to pivot or needs to reinvent itself with a new product, we are the team to get you there first and best.

Our team’s successes include:

  • The development of a working prototype NAS appliance in 70 days allowing 3ware to raise $40M in funding.
  • 3ware, as a struggling startup, was fighting for survival. Members of our team developed a PCI half-length, full height 12 port SATA RAID controller (in an emerging market of 4 port controllers), establishing the company as a leader in RAID controllers with the innovative design and enabling the company to be sold for $160M.
  • When Pliant Technology, a startup supplying enterprise solid-state disk drives (SSD), had finished its first product qualification with its first OEM they only had 4 months to offer a new product to the largest OEM customer of enterprise SSDs. Within the allocated 4 months, our team members delivered a cutting edge solution that reduced cost, increased storage capacity, increased reliability, increased manufacturability, and increased shock-n-vibe performance, setting a new standard of excellence. Not only did the company win the OEM’s business, they were sold for more than $300M to SanDisk.

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