Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Our procurement team allows our clients to benefit immediately from our experienced procurement specialists, support and expertise.

Build Efficiency and Save Money

Whether you have an existing procurement team and need additional help, or you not have a team in place, procurement outsourcing can help cut costs, add value and improve the efficiency of your business.

Building an internal procurement team takes time to staff and train.   Our team can help clients who:

  • Have no internal competencies but want to quickly benefit from procurement action
  • Have internal procurement expertise but want to outsource activity on specific area(s) like indirect materials and services
  • Consider procurement as a non-strategic or core function and want to have it managed by a procurement service provider
  • Are team building but need an immediate procurement function during the staffing and training process.

Our Team consists of seasoned purchasing professionals, supplier quality engineers, and more.  Lumenir also has an International Purchasing Office in Asia.

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