Structural / Motion Simulation


Simulation is at the heart of robust and successful product design ensuring structural performance, such as strength and stiffness as well as provides critical understanding and systematic optimization of your designs throughout the product life cycle.  Through FEA (Finite-Element Analysis), our team is able to optimize our designs for performance and cost effectiveness while reducing costly iterations in prototyping and accelerate your time-to-market.

Some of our work includes:

  • Linear and Non-linear Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Plastic Deformation
  • Creep Analysis
  • Fracture, Fatigue and Durability Analysis
  • Modal, Buckling, Non-Linear Analysis
  • Harmonic, Spectrum and Random Analysis
  • Transient Dynamic Analysis
  • Base Excitation, Rigid-Flexible Body Motion Analysis
  • Gear Design and Analysis
  • Mechanisms, Cam and Slot Design
  • Rendered Animations

Tools we use:

  • SolidWorks  Simulation

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