Product Design Services

In today’s competitive marketplaces, time-to-market and winning designs set companies apart. Our seasoned team has extensive experience in product development and our concurrent engineering design approach combined with extensive simulation and validation consistently DELIVERING excellence.

By offering all phases of product design under one roof, from product marketing, industrial design, engineering, manufacturability, test development, validation to production transfer, we can deliver precisely what you need in less time – at greatly reduced costs.

Product Definition

The key to successful product is a strong Market Requirements Document (MRD) during a project’s concept phase, and a strong Product Requirements Document (PRD) and Engineering Specification during the product’s definition phase. Taking the time to develop these documents helps ensure that correct product is developed and that the project’s objectives are clearly stated.

Several of Lumenir’s past and present customers have engaged Lumenir to either make significant contributions to “In House” MRD/PRD efforts or develop these documents in their entirety.

Some factors considered in the development of MRDs and PRDs are as follows:

Industrial Design

Lumenir's award winning industrial design staff are alumni of the most prestigious brands in the world.
Our Team works concurrently with design engineering and manufacturing engineering staff to develop products that are beautiful as well as cost effective and easily produced. Our design approach produces the following so that you can see real time progress:

Program Management

Our Program Management services are built with integrity, executed with experience, and delivered with a sense of certainty.

Our experienced team delivers designs with technical integrity. We take care of every aspect of your project and bring the entire Lumenir organization to work for you. Using our long-established processes, tools, and techniques, we will define a specific set of activities and timelines to keep your project on target during the planning, execution, and close-out phases of your project. We are here to solve your toughest problems and give you the peace of mind that everything will be done right.


Our Engineering team comprises professionals with extensive ascertainable experience, bringing their know-how in their specific areas to the table. Our innovative design consulting services will provide you the aid you need to complete your idea.

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